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Deep Work Training
for the public sector

Do work without...
- getting restless over apps, mails, calls and media.
- losing control over attention and focus.
- being distracted by your smartphone and daily hassle.

Who doesn't want that?

In this training participants learn how to deal with these issues and how to increase their ability to concentrate by more than 50% while resisting distractions.
Contemplating at Work
Want to know more about the in-company deep work training?

Why should you do this training?

More than 3 checks👇? Than you will surely benefit from the training. 

✔️I find it increasingly hard to concentrate on my work

✔️ I get easily distracted, especially by apps, email and (social) media

✔️ I find it hard to decide what to focus on

✔️ I have trouble working at home because I get distracted by stuff to do

✔️ I'am often distracted by colleagues who want my attention

✔️ I sometimes lose the oversight and control over my work

✔️ I'am looking for more balance between focused work and relaxation

✔️ I often procrastinate on my important work

✔️ I notice that my workdays are often chaotic and ad-hoc

✔️ I find it hard to say 'no' which leads to too much work

✔️ I regularly experience restlessness and dissatisfaction over my work

✔️ I lose my focus and motivation during the day

✔️ I sometimes forget to take breaks which leads to discomfort

By doing the training participants will get:

🧐 Focus & Flow

You can concentrate longer and better. You are more often in the flow, get more done in less time and also achieve better results.

☺️ Satisfaction

Creativity and satisfaction in your work increases. You experience more self-confidence and receive more appreciation and recognition for your work.

✍️ Indistractable

You build resistance to distractions. It gets easier to distance yourself from smartphone, apps and email. You are in charge of your attention.

🙏 Balance

You find a healthier balance: between work and private life, between focus and relaxation. You'll be more in the moment and feel more vital in your work.

✊ Grip

You have more control over your work. You experience more peace and freedom, and less stress. You focus on what matters for you and your goals.

👍 New behaviour

You maintain positive new behavior, even after the training. You learn to work in a different way, and you consolidate this with new habits and routines.

Want to know more about the in-company deep work training?
Over de training

About the training 

What is 'Deep Work'?

The training builds on the work of author Cal Newport, who gave prominence to the term in 2016 with the book of the same name. He distinguishes two types of work:


Deep Work: performing complex thinking at the limit of your cognitive capacities without getting distracted. This creates new value and is hard to reproduce.


Shallow Work: simple, often repetitive cognitive tasks that can be performed with little mental effort and that can easily be outsourced.

In the training, participants will work to permanently improve their deep work skill with new work routines that will benefit them throughout their career.


“To produce at your peak level you need to work for extended periods with full concentration on a single task free from distraction. Put another way, the type of work that optimizes your performance is deep work.”

Cal Newport, auteur van het boek Deep Work

How does it work?

The core of the training is an interactive classroom experience around a specially developed training model, with the help of exclusive material, an online learning hub and a dynamic group process.

The training can be done both online (6 weekly sessions of 1.5 hours) and offline (3 sessions of a morning with 3 weeks in between)


In addition to the book Deep Work, a large number of other sources are used ins six training modules.

Six training modules

  1. The basics of deep work

  2. Developing deep work routines

  3. Dealing with distractions

  4. Managing the monkey mind

  5. Flow, attention and defocusing

  6. What deep work will do for you

Want to know more about the in-company deep work training?

What do you get in the training?

Training sessions

offline or online interactive sessions with lots of theory, practice, tools and tips.

Learning Hub

Online learning environment with lots of extra background information, tips & tools.


Learning by doing with motivating challenges in between the sessions

Deep Work Toolkit

Exclusive training material and templates including the specially developed Deep Work Canvas.


Deep Work buddy-system on whatsapp with daily accountability & coaching


Mastermind-session after 3 months, aftercare and 1-on-1 coaching.


“Deep work is a kind of toolkit to get a better grip on your work and the goals that you want to achieve in the rush and temptations of this time. Through exercises you learn to master the methods to create full focus so that you really achieve your goals.”

—  Melanie, Business Developer


 👆Deep Work Skill

Participants report that their concentration skills increased by +55%

 👏 Appreciation

Participants valued the training with an average rating of 8,7 out of 10

Want to know more about the in-company deep work training?
Anchor Aanbieding

I am Joris de Leeuw and I investigate the theory and especially the practical side of focussed work.


Being able to work in deep concentration ("Deep Work") is, in my opinion, THE most important professional skill of our time. As a designer, product owner and project manager, I know how important it is to find your focus. Yet in my daily work I notice that many colleagues still have difficulty bringing this skill in practice.


And that's exactly where I want to help!

I like to share my knowledge and insights about deeply concentrated work without distraction; with blogs, tools, coaching and training.

About the trainer

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